The concept of distance education is good alternative to the heavily strained formal education system. The pressure in the field of higher education is ever increasing as more students apply for different courses every year. The number of students entering university has been rising at an average rate of 7 per cent a year. At present, more than 30 University are offering correspondence courses.

The Open Education gives opportunities to all people who are not in a position to go to college or University to acquire degrees .They are convenient for the disadvantaged groups, living in remote areas and those who are employed. They enable students to pursue their education at their convenience without relying on rigid daily schedules and the constraints of attendance in classrooms. On 5th August 1985, the Union minister of Education said in the Rajya Sabha that The Open University would open an important era in educational technology and will be a role model in educational technology and in method of teaching different courses to the poor.? The Open Education System gives sufficient flexibility in academic matters. It has a multimedia approach to instruction. The students have to make use the radio, the television, C.D. and computers, in addition to books, the study centers, located at places convenient for the students, serve as a storehouse of knowledge. The authorities of the Open Education System take steps to conduct periodic discussions and seminars on difficult and important topics. The Open Education System in our country produces good results in the field of higher education.

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