“Chairman’s view on education focus around the fact that education is not merely a Means to achieve status or earn money, rather it should bring freedom to the individual, He advocated the fact that kids must be imparted with vocational education which is a good way to learn and know things. Developing skills as important as training. A larger effort is needed to create a skilled workforce with employment potential”.

COLLABORATION WITH The Board Of Open Schooling & Skill Education (established under Act No. 14 of 2020 of the Sikkim Legislative Assembly, passed on 21-09-2020)

World Human Resources Development Education (WHRDE) is an autonomous body, which is recognized and registered NGO under Government of India for Human Resource Development. WHRDE is an esteemed organization for a spectacular development in bringing up Technical & IT industry in the country with its significant contribution in Hardware, Software, Application Development, Research Program, Project Guidance, Marketing, Technical and Computer Education, Self-Education in Self-employment Scheme, Literacy and Teachers Training all over the country at all social level and mobilize people to participate actively in the development program of the Government. Legality, validity, utility of the courses are strict conformity with the constitution of India and Law of the land under Central Government act articles 14,15, 19(1)g ,21A, 29,30,45, 46,51A(1),301. WHRDE is Providing Best Classes with Practicals through its Authorized Training Centers / Skill development or Testing centers and Industries collaborative programmes as a Promoting Agency of Science ,Technical ,Computer Programmes & Skill Development . WHRDE is Academic Collaborated to Singhania University recognized by UGC. WHRDE Management has been keen in equipping our nation with skilled work force that can create significant economic value through their work performance


World Human Resourse Development Education (WHRDE) is an autonomous body, which had been studying 1000’s of student since 2007, Currently has 400’s of students, has more than 100 study centers in Kerala and is registered under Central Government and Kerala Government. WHRDE is an AUTHORIZED SKILL PROVIDER. www.whrde.edu.in

This is the WHRDE logo

WHRED is a new initiative made by these people to misrepresent the NGO WHRDE among the students. WHRDE NGO is not responsible for the losses caused to the students and parents due to this, Legal action will be taken against the above entrepreneurs as it is similar to the name WHRDE…………………………………..



VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE: WHRDE is a NGO.WHRDE skill development courses are conducted with a maximum fee of Rs 16000 per year to be paid to the organization providing the training. From here, certificate with skill provider number is issued, paramedical skill courses are approved by travancore paramedical council (Governed by 21/1860 Govt of India, central Act Regd foundation). Some of the courses conducted by WHRDE can be used for higher studies.